INBRE Reporting Software Features

The reporting software comes standard with the following features:

Faculty Management

  • Add, edit or removing faculty members
  • Assignment to a school, department role and level of education
  • Email
  • Password
  • Profile Questions

Default Forms

  • Basic - Assigned to every faculty member
  • Researcher - Assigned to researchers for student information
  • Administrator - INBRE Institution Level Support
  • Teaching Activities
  • Outreach Institution Questions

Publications and Presentaitons

  • Reported and stored within the Basic Form

Former INBRE Participants

  • Allows past INBRE participants to enter information about their affiliation, publications and award listings.
  • Admin can manage accounts, sort and search submitted information

Student Tracking

  • Allows students to enter information about their school, current level, major, employment participation level and what they are doing now.
  • Admin can manage accounts, sort and search submitted information

Submitted Form Management

  • Review and filtering of all forms submitted to the website. Can be viewed individually and easily transferred into the NIH website.


  • The ability to run reports based on quantitative data submitted


PubMed Integration

  • Pulls information from Pub Med such as journal articles and PMCID numbers submitted by members within the database within a specific date range.
  • Pulls articles and PMCID numbers from an individual within a specified date range
  • Pulls a list of all aritcles and PMCID numbers from a specific school within a specified date range

School Administrators

  • Allows school administrators to login and view information from faculty submitted at their school only.


And much more! Please contact us for a free demonstration and consultation.